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the funyons were my first band. We started out as a threesome: Mario and I singing, Betty playing percussion, and me on guitar. One day Betty got tired of playing with Mario and me, and we were left drummerless. Then Sir Robert jammed with us one night at Churchill's Hideaway, and we were whole once more. Eventually, Mario drifted off, and it was just Robert and me, playing our crazy trash folk on the streets of Miami. Look what it got us.

Some news! Robert and I reunited to do the funyons at the farewell forever Kreamy 'Lectric Santa show in Chattanooga, TN, on Dec. 4, 2001. No one recorded anything. That is, except for the talk show that a bunch of us ended up on, whose host seemed stunned that anyone would consider what any of us were doing "music" in any way. So "I Think She's a Lesbian" from that show may end up here eventually.

We played to a good crowd at The Attic in downtown Chattanooga. We were stunned that, despite both our reluctance and our inability to record and distribute a record, many people I'd never even seen before were singing along. All this from bootlegs and the "Region Rock" compilation tape put out by Iggy SCAM.

With that show, Robert and Priya moved out to Hollywood, California, a lot closer to my San Francisco lair. So for New Year's Eve, we reunited yet again, playing guerilla style at a party and later outside a bar in the China Basin. And the people outside the bar were almost uniformly disinterested, except for a couple of drunks fantasizing that we were Simon & Garfunkel or something. It was just like old times!

More News! A few weeks later, Robert and Priya re-visited San Francisco. So the funyons played on Market Street one fine cold day. A few frosty fans hung around for a couple of hours, while the cops left us completely alone. We've come a long way from Miami, where getting arrested for playing music on the streets was always the possible outcome of every show. No pictures of that show, but there are a few pictures of us warming up beforehand.

Now that Robert lives in Hollywood, we'll probably hit the streets down there at some point. But nothing planned or organized. That's just our style. Either you'll happen to see us, or you'll have to read about it here.

There are a few MP3s here, and an archaeological CD in the works.