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The Funyons

On their occasional gigs the guerrilla buskers in the Funyons -- Kreamy ’Lectric Santa guru Robert Price and Steve Milano (a.k.a. Stevie Ray Funyon) -- have kept the streets of Miami and its Beach brother ringing with a chaotic kind of punky pop that’s stripped to the bare essentials. That means the music is powered by Milano’s earnestly yelped vocals and slashingly crude rhythm guitar, while Price bangs out the beat on anything he can find. Literally: His previous instruments have included rusted kitchen sinks, street lamps, mangled street signs left over from Hurricane Andrew, and a discarded “E” from an old Zayre’s sign. Their songs span the gamut of topics, from scorned lovers (“I Think She’s a Lesbian”) to trenchant takes on Florida’s finest theme parks (“Fascist Fun Factory”) to the self-explanatory (“I Want to Be a Dinosaur”). Price says there’s been talk for ages of doing a seven-inch, to be titled The Funyons Versus South Beach, but the money has never been there. Reason enough to toss a five-spot into the Funyons’ kitty next time you hear them bashing out their street-corner rockers.

* - The links are no longer live, so you can't check out the rest of the "best" of Miami from 1997. They also took down the images, leaving this page pretty ugly. Sorry.