Built for Web

iPhone Wikipedia Viewer :: A little experiment with Wikipedia REST APIs and an iPhone presentation layer. Lists links from a given topic’s Wikipedia page. Green links thread deeper into topic page links, black links go to the corresponding Wikipedia page. Made for iPhone; a browser can load the page, but it may not scroll, etc.

jQuery Progressive Page Load :: My friend Gary asked me about ways to preload a heavy page, only showing a progress bar until the page content was ready. Using jQuery and a progress bar plugin found on the web, I put this experiment together. It illustrates just what I like about jQuery: a couple of small library files and about ten lines of code combine for a pretty cool effect.

SFPL Login Bookmarklet Generator :: The San Francisco Public Library’s awesome website has only one shortcoming: frequent logins using hard-to-remember library card number and PIN. This page generates a JavaScript bookmarklet that fills in the form for you.

Mac-ify Launch.com :: In the bad old days before Greasemonkey I made a form to play Launch.com videos by ID number. Then I made a bookmarklet to simplify the process. Nowadays, Launch is a bit friendlier toward the Mac users and you can generally see their videos more or less the way PC users do. Probably too late, though; haven’t all the cool kids moved over to YouTube?