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Applications for Macs

Widget: UBC Botany Photo of the Day :: Displays a thumbnail of UBC’s Botany Photo of the Day plus commentary. Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard only; will not work with OSX before 10.4.
UPDATE: Newer Leopard(s)-compatible version [Zip Archive (170K)] or use previous version for 10.4 [Zip Archive (170K)]

Screensaver: The Tube :: Ride the London Underground! Never give your Mac a moment’s rest--install a screen saver that uses tons of RAM and CPU instead of letting it sit idle! [Stuffit Archive (760K)]

UPDATE: Snow Leopard version [ZIP Archive (730K)]

Screensaver: Pearl Savr :: Downloads and displays images from Flickr (and similar) RSS feeds. Optionally show captions. Named for a cute little girl who goes by the name of Pearl (Load the default feed for proof!) May not be compatible with OSX before 10.3.8. [Stuffit Archive (43K)]

Screensaver: Vocab :: Save your screen and your vocabulary. Put the otherwise inert file /usr/share/dict/words to good some use and expose yourself to obscure words whose definitions you’ll never find! Also view any of nine other custom word lists, or use your own custom list of words. Based on “Lots of Words” application in Appendix B of Cocoa Programming by Anguish, Buck, & Yacktman. [StuffitX (204K)]

Application: Text Scroller :: Scrolls through a plain text document at the speed you choose, like a TelePrompTer. Hands-free operation—just hit the space bar to toggle scrolling. Good for reading long plain-text documents without risking RSI. My first Carbon C++ programming project. [Stuffit Archive (148K)]