SFPL Login Bookmarklet Generator

The San Francisco Public Library web site is excellent, but has one painful requirement: frequent logins. For so many things, it repeatedly asks you for the last nine digits of your library card, plus your PIN number. It gets old fast.
If you have a JavaScript-capable web browser, you can use a JavaScript bookmarklet to fill in this form for you, however many times they ask, with the click of a button. All you have to do is:
Provide the information requested below to generate a JavaScript bookmarklet you can drag to your menu bar and click whenever SFPL wants your PW/PIN.
To generate your bookmarklet, enter the following information.
Library card number: 
Enter the last nine digits of your library card number.

PIN help from SFPL site.
Your information is used once to generate the bookmarklet, and is not stored in any way.