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Yes, it's a battle getting to see videos from LAUNCH.COM on your Mac, but it can be done.

I've given up fighting Launch/Yahoo! Music and their Mac-hostile development practices. For now, I recommend using Firefox + Greasemonkey and a script I found at http://blog.statway.com/2005/03/29/greasemonkey-scripts. Requires Windows Media Player application, but no browser plugin.

There are two approaches you can take:

  1. Make note of the video ID number in the links on the LAUNCH page. They will usually be in the form "javascript:playVideos(158934)" which you can see in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. Then go to my MacLaunch page and paste that number into the text field.
  2. For IE Only: Drag this link=>(Mac-ify Launch) to your favorites bar. Edit the name to something reasonably short (otherwise, it will "fall off" the side). Then go to a LAUNCH page with video links, and click on the newly added "Favorite." Now all links will automatically go through my MacLaunch page, and play the videos if possible.
Of course, you need the Windows Media Plugin for your browser, whichever approach you take. It seems to work, though, for the most part.

It's tough out there for the Mac users, but there's no reason to give up yet!