I am a self-taught web developer working in a variety of languages. I have been hacking web pages one way or another for over ten years, from my amateur days of learning HTML and JavaScript through many long nights of trial and error; to a role as the main technical implementor for a busy team handling all aspects of Yahoo! corporate marketing; and most recently coordinating the integration of several custom web sites with Point & Find, a mobile application developed by Nokia.


Senior Software Developer: Web, Nokia Point & Find; San Francisco, CA


Hired to implement web sites to embed in, and integrate with, a mobile application utilizing image recognition in one of the first publicly available augmented reality applications. Front-end developer role evolved beyond HTML/CSS/AJAX to include PHP/MySQL and Apache administration duties for several large-scale international sites.

Senior Web Developer, Yahoo!, Inc; Sunnyvale, CA


Started as the first dedicated web developer in the user experience group, converting Photoshop mockups to production-ready source code and images for nearly all Yahoo! properties. Evolved into a tactical developer for ads, promotions, and corporate marketing. Generally worked on short-lived projects with rapid turnarounds, but also maintained several long-term projects. “Famous” at Yahoo! for maintaining a widely used mirror of the image and ad servers, also featuring search and a Firefox add-on.

Web Developer, WebStaff/Aquent; San Francisco, CA


Hired gun for HTML/JavaScript coding on various short-term projects. Clients included CKS/Partners, TeamToolz (Winkler Advertising, now Pickett), Healtheon, and Yahoo!.

Miscellaneous Experience

Technical Reviewer for O’Reilly Media

Technical reviews for SQL and PHP & MySQL books in O’Reilly’s popular “Head First” series.

Movie theater projectionist

Spent three years showing 35mm and 16mm movies at a small art-house theater in Miami Beach. Initiated web presence and maintained the site for several years. Made a lot of popcorn.

Selected URLs

recent work and old favorites


Rapid hand-coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including jQuery; PHP 4/5, especially for site modularization, form validation, and abstracting some page elements into classes; comfortable with MySQL from both the command-line and PHP interfaces; very proficient with Photoshop/ImageReady; ActionScript/JavaScript interaction in Flash, including FlashVars and SWFObject; frequently use Perl for data manipulation and analysis; very adept at the geekier bits in MacOSX, such as using AppleScript to automate repetitive tasks; comfortable writing shell scripts and editing with vi. I was also the admin for eight machines serving some 10 different sub-domains for, and implemented custom Apache configurations for


I have volunteered my skills for several non-profit websites including the Student Dietetic Association at SFSU, and . I have also fronted a punk rock band for the last 8 years. I can juggle four balls or three clubs, but still can’t get the hang of the unicycle.


Florida International University, Miami, FL — B.S., 1993 (Physics)