Wikipedia + iPhone

Does anyone NOT want to write a toy iPhone web application? It was pretty much the first thing I wanted to do with my new phone. I messed around with some cool JavaScript gizmos, played with the resize-on-rotate thing, and…time passed.

Today I was looking at Wikipedia and came across some information on alternate ways of getting information from their database (q.v.). In particular, I was intrigued by the feature whereby you can get a list of a given Wikipedia page’s outbound links. A couple of hours later, I’ve got a crude little demo that lists a topic’s related links in pairs: the first links to a similar page with a list of links for that topic; the second links to the actual Wikipedia page. If you have an iPhone, try it out!

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It doesn’t seem to mean anything to anyone I talk to, but I’ve always thought of the hod-carrier as the very emblem of hard work. The construction site would grind to a halt without his quiet, dedicated labor. He toils at this thankless job, willing to let others grab the glory, content that he played a small part in the overall accomplishment.

I’m like that hod-carrier, happy to pitch in when others have some pressing need, when there’s something needing doing that they don’t understand. They take the high-level view, they take the credit at the end, and I don’t care. I did what I did, and I’m just glad to make it all happen more smoothly.

That’s him there in the upper right-hand corner. Hooray for the hod-carrier!

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