Catching Up to Snow Leopard

Even part-time freeware developers look forward to new OSX releases, but our software doesn’t always make the transition very smoothly. My screensaver “The Tube” is a bit of a CPU and RAM hog, so when OSX 10.6 broke it, I kind of bid it adieu and got on with other projects. After some prodding, though, I considered that faster CPUs and plentiful RAM nowadays mean this five-year-old resource hog might have new life yet.

Tube Map screensaver previewBut it wasn’t as simple as just opening the old Xcode project and clicking “Build”. This is probably because the old build designations “Development” and “Deployment” don’t really have a place in Xcode these days. (Now it’s simply “Debug” and “Release”.) Curiosity led me to create a brand new project and then add the resources and classes from my old project, then simply click “Build”. And it worked…sort of.

I also had  to adapt the default class files (declaration and implementation) to match the old versions. It might have worked to add a modern build target to the old project, but in a way it was easier to do the rote work of going method by method pasting code into place. Once the resources were included, we were off to the races.

Now I’m reminded of the pleasantly hypnotic movement of the London Underground map and its gently flickering train. If you have OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) you can check it out here.