Tip for 1Password-Using iPhone Devs

As if there aren’t enough other details to worry about, developing for iPhone has been doubly difficult for me because my provisioning certificate kept getting lost by Xcode. Exasperated, I’d delete/revoke/regenerate/reinstall, and it would work. Problem solved.

For a while. Then it would break again.

Even thisĀ Apple Developer Q&A article doesn’t mention it, but my friend Todd did: your login keychain must be the default in the Keychain Access utility’s list of keychains. And just now, when my provisioning failed yet again, I checked Keychain Access to discover that 1Password’s keychain is the default.

This is evidently a known issue, even to the application developers. The linked article mentions a new keychain format that solves the problem.

Also, it looks like new users won’t have the same trouble now as they’ll be using the new Agile Keychain format, in a file stored at ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain. Existing users–especially iPhone developers–should switch to this format; see the “Keychain” tab of 1Password’s preferences window.

For a lot of applications, this kind of crap would earn a one-way ticket to the Trash. But I really like 1Password, and have probably recommended it to people more than any other. I’m glad I’ve found a way for 1Password to peacefully co-exist with Xcode and iPhone provisioning.

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